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Dorayaki "TORAZOU" 3pcDorayaki "TORAZOU" 3pc
Dorayaki 3pc special setDorayaki 3pc special set
France Cake "Pirene" -vanilla flavor- 5pcFrance Cake "Pirene" -vanilla flavor- 5pc
Hon Warabi-Mochi 3pcHon Warabi-Mochi 3pc
iceplantze"MOCHI Dessert" Soymilk&Yuzuiceplantze"MOCHI Dessert" Soymilk&Yuzu
Kyoto-style Moon Manju cakeKyoto-style Moon Manju cake
Pre-Order Kyoto-style Moon Manju cake
Sale priceFrom $28.80
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Plum liquor jelly 215gPlum liquor jelly 215g
Sweet red bean bun Manju 6pcSweet red bean bun Manju 6pc
Tokyo banana 4pcTokyo banana 4pc
Tokyo banana 8pcTokyo banana 8pc

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