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In Japan, when you think of azuki bar, the brand Imuraya immediately comes to mind – this naturally sweet ice cream bar that comes chock full with azuki beans is an easy favourite. As one of the most popular ice cream brands in Japan, Imuraya has been around since 1897 and has sold around 300 million azuki bars per year since 2021. 
From June 26 to July 2, Imuraya is celebrating the 50th anniversary of this well-loved azuki bar with a one-for-one promo. All you have to do? Buy a box of azuki bars and follow Imuraya Singapore’s Instagram account to redeem your second box for free. You can find this famous Japanese ice cream bar at stores like Isetan Scotts, selected Hao Mart outlets, Iroha Mart, and Poppin at Plaza Singapura. These stores will also be giving away a free azuki bar on June 28 and July 1*, a sweet treat on any hot day. 

Hanabi matsuri, which means fireworks festival, is a Japanese summer tradition which is celebrated throughout the country from July to August.
Think carnival games for the young and old, yatais, or food carts, hawking local cuisines, and dazzling fireworks displays.
In case you didn’t know, Japan is home to some of the best pyrotechnics in the world.
If you can’t make it to Japan in time to witness the upcoming summer festivities, fret not, because SingPost Centre will be bringing Japan to you.
Happening from Jun. 15 to 23, the Isetan Hanabi Matsuri Food Fair will take visitors on a culinary journey exploring the different regional cuisines in Japan.
Think of it as having multiple Hanabi festivals all conveniently condensed under one roof: SingPost Centre.We exhibited Japanese sweets such as Pyraene France Cake.

 TOKYO, GINZA - WeAgri, based in the upscale district of Ginza, Tokyo, is proud to manage "Ginza Sweets Singapore," an online platform dedicated to exporting Japan's finest desserts to Singapore. As Halloween draws near, we are excited to infuse the festive spirit with a touch of Japanese elegance. Today, we announce the launch of two limited-edition treats, available exclusively for our esteemed clientele in Singapore.


On the 27th of this month, WeAgri, a group company of IT service firm Techfirm Holdings based in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, announced their initiative to support the overseas expansion of Japan's confectionery industry. The program is set to commence in October, beginning with cross-border e-commerce to sell Japanese sweets to consumers in Singapore. WeAgri aims to provide export promotion support primarily for popular confectionery stores that are unable to independently expand their foreign markets.
WeAgri specializes in the export and import of agricultural, forestry, and fishery products, with a focus on distribution. Through this initiative, they are extending their support to aid in the overseas expansion of Japan's confectionery industry, opening up new avenues for business growth.

WeAgri Co., Ltd. (Headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO Ken Negishi), a company within the Techfirm Group specializing in agricultural and marine product distribution solutions, will begin exporting popular confectionery stores and other confectionery manufacturers, which are unable to independently expand their overseas markets, in response to the overseas demand for Japanese sweets amidst the decline in inbound demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Leveraging their cold chain built for exporting agricultural and marine products, marketing strategies that capture local preferences, and networks for real sales at local retail stores, they will establish their cross-border e-commerce platform, "Ginza Sweets," which was launched in September of this year, as a distribution channel to enhance the brand power of Japanese sweets. With a sales target of 500 million yen by the end of 2026, they aim to further expand their unique export platform utilizing IT.




WeAgri, a subsidiary of Tokyo's Techfirm Holdings, will launch an initiative in October to help Japan's confectionery industry expand overseas. This will begin with cross-border e-commerce to sell Japanese sweets to consumers in Singapore, with the aim of supporting popular confectionery stores that lack the resources to independently penetrate foreign markets.



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