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About Us

Kanae spent 10 years as a dessert buyer in a prominent department store in Nihonbashi, Japan. Despite her success, she felt that the unique Japanese desserts she loved were yet to be discovered by a wider audience, particularly in Singapore. Inspired to bridge this gap, Kanae launched an online shop to bring carefully curated Japanese desserts to Singapore.

Her store quickly gained traction, not just as a business but as a cultural bridge. Each dessert sold was more than just a sweet treat; it was a piece of Japanese culture introduced to a new market. Through her online shop, Kanae successfully turned her passion and expertise into a mission: sharing the beauty of Japanese desserts with Singapore and beyond.

WeAgri inc.
Kameda Bldg. 3F,
1-10-12 Higashiazabu,Minato-ku, Tokyo,106-0044 Japan
2010. April
Capital Stock
95.1 million JPY
Representative CEO
Ken Negishi
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and others.
1. Overseas Market Expansion Support Services
2. Overseas Marketing Business
3. Domestic Distribution Business

Our Vision
The New "Local production for local consumption" - With the state-of-art technology of information and logistics, we aim to unify the Asian market.


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