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From world-class brand, Grape Stone

The product hails from Tokyo Banana, the most globally recognized dessert brand from Japan, and is so exclusive that it's available in limited locations even within Tokyo. Not to mention, we are the exclusive seller in the Singapore market.

Strawberry in fluffy cake

Captured the deliciousness of freshly picked strawberries drenched in milk and mashed with a fork, all enveloped in a fluffy cake shaped like a strawberry.

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Small Gift, Great Happiness

The product serves as an ideal confection for family and relatives gatherings, a delightful small reward for children, and the go-to dessert for special occasion

Ginza Strawberry Cake (Tokyo Banana Series) by Grapestone

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Tokyo Banana Series by Grapestone


8 PC Box


strawberry flower paste (strawberries, sugar, maltose, vegetable fats and oils, syrup, and others) made domestically, milk cream (sugar, vegetable fats and oils, sweetened condensed milk, skimmed milk powder, lactic acid bacteria beverage, syrup, and others), liquid eggs, sugar, wheat flour, vegetable fats and oils, emulsified fats and oils, and dried egg whites. Additional ingredients are sorbitol, modified starch, seasonings (amino acids), emulsifiers (derived from soy), flavorings, acidifiers, leavening agents, thickening polysaccharides, and colorings (red koji, carotin), along with sodium acetate, sodium phosphates, and cellulose.

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We guarantee 4 days from upon receival of item. We thank you for your understanding that this is due to the very fresh ingredients used.

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