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Smooth-textured kuzumochi, filled with Japanese chestnuts and three types of bean paste: smooth red bean paste, chestnut paste, and custard bean paste, topped generously with ultra-fine Mont Blanc paste.


As you part the cool, smooth kudzu jelly, you will find rich, chilly Japanese chestnuts along with three types of fillings: smooth red bean paste, chestnut paste, and custard. This combination, unlike anything you've tasted before, offers a delightful experience.

Brand: Imo Kuri Kabocha (高級和栗モンブラン専門店)

The brand meticulously selects methods and ingredients for more than just appearance. Meringue is slowly baked for crispness, and use genuine Hokkaido cream for a luxurious texture. Theeir commitment extends to both craftsmanship and ingredients.


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chestnut paste, roasted sweet potato paste, pumpkin paste, dairy cream, sweetened chestnut paste, strained bean paste, candied chestnuts, custard cream (whipped cream, sugar, etc), modified starch, glycine, thickening polysaccharide, emulsifier, phosphate Na, flavor, sorbitol, gelling agent, antioxidants (L-Ascorbic acid), gardenia jasminoides pigment, bleaching agent (sodium sulfite)

Serving Method

Store in refrigerator 6-7 hours before comsumption.

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