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Bon Toraya
since 1951

Bon Toraya is a confectionery shop founded in 1951 in Toyohashi, Japan.
They specialize in Japanese and Western-style sweets and currently have 13 stores where the skilled artisans handcraft each piece with care, including the signature products "Pyraene". 

3 Commitments

Red beans, also known as "Azuki" come from Koufuku-City, HOKKAIDO. These are characterized by their "elegant sweetness".

"Pyraene", Bon Toraya's flagship cake is made with 4 types of blended creams. Every piece is made by hands.

The dough is baked to just right, enabling to realize the great texture of the Japanese manju bun.


Pyrane is the flagship dessert of Bon Toraya. The sales hits up to 3000 packs a day. In fact, the dessert is recognized in the town as local "soul food".

The dessert is made with sponge cake which wraps the fine cream, blended with 4 types of fresh creams.

Every piece is made by hand to maintain the flufffy texture.

Anpan Manju

Anpan Manju is made with cream custard and fine azuki paste, which make perfect combination of sweetness.

The bun is just like the fluffy Japanese anpan bread.

The mild sweetness is popular among kids in Toyohashi city.

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Monde Selection
Gold Award 2023

Monde Selection Gold Award 2023

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