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Azuki Bar
since 1973

Imuraya's Azuki Bar 50th Anniversary

To celebrate its 50th birthday, we would like to introduce Imuraya's flagship icecream "AZUKI BAR".

Imuraya's Azuki Bar 50th Anniversary

Imuraya, the manufacturer with over 100 years of history.

Imuraya first began production of confectionery in 1896. Since then, the brand has broadened its product line up widely, including traditional steadmed buns, Japanese chilled desserts, and of course the ice creams.

3 Points about
Azuki Bar

Mega Hit!
approx. 300,000,000 sold in 2022

Since 1973, Azuki Bar has been popular among every generation.

Simple Ingredients!
 Made of only Azuki (Red Beans), Sugar, Starch Syrup, and Salt.

Azuki, Milk, and Matcha !

You can enjoy 3 flavours of Azuki Bar series:
1. Red Bean Original (Red)
2. Milk (Purple)
3. Matcha (Green)

You can enjoy the perfect combination of red beans and milk or matcha.

Great Lineup !

You might recognize some of their items already!

The Taiyaki Wafer Icecream has already become popular among Asia for its cute fish-shape.

Yawamochi, the cup-ice with mochi inside, is a great option if you like the fusion of Japanese - Western taste!

Where to get in SG !

Plaza Singapura

Iroha Mart Plaza Singapura

Isetan Scotts

HAO Eccellente

50th Anniv. Campaign !

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