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Tokyo Banana 4pc 【Set of 5 boxes】

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Light and fluffy sponge cake with a banana custard cream filling.

Tokyo banana is a popular “omiyage”-souvenir in Tokyo station, and it was initially created to be a popular snack amongst Tokyo girls. It turned out to be well-loved by all ages in Japan for over 30 years, the cute looking and taste also capture hearts of travelers from other countries. This steamed sponge cake filled with a slightly sweet banana custard is an iconic snack of Japan and Tokyo that can put a smile on anyone who receives it as gift.

Processed in:

4pc × 5box

banana cream (syrup, banana paste, sugar, banana puree, skimmed powdere milk, vegetable fats and oils, eggyolk, wheat flour, gelatin), liquid egg, sugar, wheat flour, vegetable fats and oils, protected oils, dried eggwhite / modified starch, emulsifier (soybean origin), thickening agent, sorbitol, preservative (potassium sorbate), pH adjustor, flavor, glycin, carotenoid pigment.

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Please consume within 10 days from receiving the item.
If not, please keep in freezer and consume 1 month.

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I was relieved to see the long expiration date.
It tasted good too.

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