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How to enjoy Tokyo Banana the most?

How to enjoy Tokyo Banana the most?

Have you ever tried "Tokyo Banana"? It is one of the most popular "Omiyage"-souvenir- in Tokyo station! It is perfect for someone who miss traveling to Japan:)

Before getting into how to enjoy Tokyo Banana the most, I would like to share the quotes of "Banana Yoshimoto"’, who is one of the most famous author in Japan. 

It says

When the bitterness of tea enhances the sweetness of confectionary, I feel blessed.
And those such a little happiness make my life

When I heard this quotes for the first time, I thought- "What a beautiful quotes this is!"

Banana Yoshimoto taught us "Variety is the spice of life." through "dessert"!

What is Tokyo Banana?

As you know Tokyo banana is a popular “omiyage”- souvenir in Tokyo station, and it was initially created to be a popular snack amongst Tokyo girls. It turned out to be well-loved by all ages in Japan for over 30 years, the cute looking and taste also capture hearts of travelers from other countries. This steamed sponge cake filled with a slightly sweet banana custard is an iconic snack of Japan and Tokyo that can put a smile on anyone who receives it as gift.

When Japanese people usually eat Tokyo Banana?
Usually Japanese people eat Tokyo Banana when their friends or family gift them as a
For example, When I go back to my parents’ s house -I go back to their house once a year- everytime I bring Tokyo Banana for them. All of my famuky members- mom and dad, grandfather, sister and nephew- enjoy this favorable dessert so much!
We have nice time together and in Japan the time we spend with family is called 家族団欒(kazoku danran). We would like you to enjoy 家族団欒 with your family and friends with Tokyo Banana!

So now we are gonna talk about How to enjoy Tokyo Banana the most!

〇Tokyo Banana with Green tea

This is definitely a classic and nice combination!
Green tea’s Bittersweet smell and rich taste gently wraps sweetness of TokyoBanana.
When you enjoy TokyoBanana with Green tea, time goes by slowly and leisurely for sure.Just try it!!

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