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Tokyo Banana Cheese Cake 4PC

Tokyo Banana Cheese Cake 4PC

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The popular Tokyo Banana now comes in cheesecake variant! A two-layered cheesecake filled with rich banana cream and milk cream. The banana confiture was mixed in and baked to give off a faint banana scent.

Processed in:

4 pieces

natural cheese, processed fats and oils (Edible refined and processed oils, butter, vegetable fats and oils, other), banana jam (sugar, syrup, HFCF, maltooligosaccharide, banana, caramel sauce), wheat flour, oligosaccharide, chocolate, liquid egg, sugar, maltose, dairy product, milk bean paste, processed egg yolk, cheese powder, dried eggwhite, banana powder, lemon powder / trehalose, sorbitol, emulsifier (soybean origin), modified starch, gelling agent (polysaccharide: apple origin), thickening agent, stabilizer (polysaccharide), flavor, casein sodium, acidulant, cellulose, anti-oxidants (Vitamin C, EMR), whey salt, phosphate.

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