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Fluffy pound cake filled with rich cream using "Wasanbon sugar" (fine-grained Japanese sugar). Moist, and rich, every bite is dense.
Pound cake is the most versatile dessert and is hard not to love! This makes it a perfect dessert for every meal or given as gifts. Happy to share that this pound cake is halal certified!

Why use Wasanbon?
Wasanbon is fine-grained sugar traditionally made in Tokushima or Kagawa and has a history of over 200 years. It is very different from normal sugar, it has a rich taste but not too sweet, one could call it sophisticated. Wasanbon is often used in Japanese sweets and is best to make Umeshu(Plum liqour) with.

Interesting fact: Why is a pound cake called a pound cake?
A pound cake is a cake made from 1 pound of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs!

Which is the best?! Pound cake vs butter cake
Butter cake contains much more butter. If you like rich taste without being too much of the sweetness, this Pound cake is highly recommended.

Processed in:

1 whole

Chicken eggs (made in Japan), sugar (12% Japanese basin sugar), wheat flour, cream, edible oils and fats, butter oil, skim milk powder, sweetened glucose liquid sugar, buttermilk powder, starch, evaporated milk / trehalose, swelling agent, emulsifier, glycin, butter (including some wheat, eggs, dairy ingredients, and soybeans)

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