Domremy Mochi Parfait Uji Matcha

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New Japanese taste parfait for CVS and retail. Selected Matcha powder from Uji, Kyoto will give it a special aroma and soothing taste. Warabi mochi is coated with Kinako (soy bean powder).

Processed in:


Anko coarse, sugar, vegetable fats and oils, powdered candy, milk, defatted powdered milk, sweetened condensed milk (produced in Hokkaido), kin flour, chicken eggs, gelatin, matcha powder, edible processed fats and oils, salt, bracken starch, butter milk powder, whey powder, milk fat, Fresh cream, glue (processed starch, pectin, xanthan), trehalose, emulsifier (glycerin fatty acid ester, vegetable lecithin, sucrose fatty acid ester), glycine, colorant (cutinashi blue / yellow, chlorella powder), ph adjuster (quen) Trisodium acid, citric acid), Na metaphosphate, enzyme (lysoteam)

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