Domremy Mochi Parfait Amaou

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New item with Japanese taste in parfait style. Suitable for CVS and retail shops. Using puree of Amaou, most popular Japanese strawberry variety from Fukuoka, and house made Shiratama.

Processed in:


coarse anko, vegetable faits and oils, sugar, mochi rice powder, strawberry pure, powder syrup, milk, sweetened condensed milk, skimmed powdered milk, syrup, starch, dextrin, egg, gelatine, agar, beets powder, common salt, common salt, butter milk powder, whey powder, edible processed fats and oils, enoki mushroom extract liquid, milk fat, white radish sprouts extract liquid, fresh cream, processed starch, pectin, xythanthan, glycerine fatty acid ester, vegetable lecithin, Beta amylase, pH adjustor, glythin, acidulant.

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