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Ahjikan Mochi Mochi Waffle - Chocolate

Ahjikan Mochi Mochi Waffle - Chocolate

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New sweets!! Mochi×Waffle=Best combination!

Light, fluffy and chewy texture waffles like Japanese mochi filled with rich and midly sweet chocolate cream.

To all mochi/ chocolate lovers, this is for you!!!

Processed in:


food product using milk constituent for major ingredient(domestic), chocolate flour paste, sugar, flour, vegetable fats and oils, reduced syrup, cocoa powder, strach, salt, albumin powder, gelatin/modified starch, sorbitol, glycine, emulsifier,leavening agent, polysaccharide thickener,acidity regulators, flavoring agent, HPMC,cocoa pigment, sodium phosphate, acidulant

Preserve method:

Pleese keep refridgerated. 

Expiry date:
4 days after delivery

This frozen product will be refrigerated and thawed before delivery.


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