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It is a gift box with the popular strawberry-flavored meringue.

The meringue has a good mouthfeel and is characterized by its moderate sweetness. Cookies that allow you to enjoy two flavors have a texture that melts the moment you put them in your mouth. Pound cake is characterized by its moist texture and elegant sweetness. The maple financier is moist and the sweetness and aroma of maple gives it a special taste. Pecan nut tart is well baked and the savory nuts match the tart dough. This was the most popular at our company. 

All products are particular about the material and have a strong, and gentle scent.

Processed in:


Strawberry meringue: sugar (made in Japan), egg white (including eggs), freeze-dried strawberry
Vanilla cookies: wheat (domestic), butter, granulated sugar, eggs, vanilla paste
Chocolat cookies: wheat (domestic), butter, cream (including milk), powdered sugar, cocoa powder, salt
Vanilla cookies: wheat (domestic), butter, granulated sugar, eggs, vanilla paste
Maple financier: egg white (including eggs) (domestic), butter, maple sugar, flour, sugar, almond powder
Pecan nut tart: sugar (domestic), eggs, pecan nuts, walnuts, butter, almond powder, flour, salt (including some wheat, eggs, dairy ingredients, soybeans, walnuts)

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