Matsuzaki senbei "Omiyage" set

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Enjoy the variety of "Matsuzaki senbei"-It is perfect for "Omiyage"(souvenir)!

・O-Edo Matsuzaki Koushi (Traditional lattice-shaped Cookies):Japan's prestigious wagashi from Ginza. Premium peanuts are crushed to make this. Very crispy and just the right amount of sweetness.

・Edo Souka Honmaru (Soy Sauce):This is one of the most recommended products from Matsuzaki Senbei. It is carefully grilled piece by piece. You'll love the taste of uruchi rice and soy sauce flavour.

・Shimisen (Japanese Sauce) moist rice cracker:Japan's prestigious rice cracker from Ginza. As the package is very colourful and pop-taste, it makes an ideal gift or as party snacks.

Processed in:

3 packs(each 1)

・O-Edo Matsuzaki Koushi (Traditional lattice-shaped Cookies):sugar, wheat flour, peanuts, egg, mirin, common salt

・Edo Souka Honmaru (Soy Sauce):uruchi rice, soy sauce, sugar, dried glucose syrup, sugar syrup, starch, seasoning (amino acid, etc.)

・Shimisen (Japanese Sauce) moist rice cracker:uruchi rice, saccharide, vegetable, fruit, brewed vinegar, common salt, spice, trehalose, caramel colour, modified starch, seasoning (amino acid, etc.)

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