Manneken Chocolate Waffle

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Coated with rich bittersweet chocolate.

〇What is Manneken Waffle Manneken?

uses only selected ingredients Waffles are simple sweets that are made by mixing ingredients such as flour and sugar, putting them in a mould, and baking them. That is why the quality of the ingredients can greatly affect the taste.

Manneken waffle making begins with a rigorous quality check of raw materials and their procurement. Only ingredients from Belgian like the ""Pearl Sugar"" are used. The granular pearl sugar does not melt easily even when baked using the traditional Belgian method. The result is a melty caramel-like with crispy textured waffle.

Commitment to the real thing is the best taste. Baking the dough in a mould is a method that is also used in Belgium. Due to its solid thickness, it traps heat and quickly bakes the waffle dough from the inside out. Therefore, the finish is crispy on the outside and the unique texture of Hunwari on the inside. From kitchen to store, there is no room for compromise especially under the strict eyes of the experts and use of a high-quality control system.

Manneken can provide a stable supply due to the integrated manufacturing system. From raw material blending to dough making, fermentation, baking, and packaging.

We also carry out thorough hygiene management and ensure stringent quality control for all products manufactured in Manneken.

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wheat flour, chocolate, sugar, milk constituent (vegetable fats and oils, fermented butter, others), egg, margarine, butter, milk, reduced syrup, yeast, honey, common salt / flavor, emulsifier, enzyme, vitamin C.

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