Manneken Anno-imo (sweet potato) Waffle

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Contains diced Anno potato and paste from Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture. Kanro-ni(stewed in soy sauce and sugar) are diced with skin-on to give it a good texture. In addition, roasted sweet potato paste is used because sweet potatoes are sweeter after baking.

〇What is Anno-imo?

Anno imo is one of the most popular potatoes in Japan cultivated in Kagoshima prefecture, Anno district. Anno imo is grown on mineral-rich land. The chewy texture and sweetness of Anno imo will make you want more with every bite!


〇What is Manneken Waffle?

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wheat flour, margarine, sugar, egg, sweetened sweet potato diced, milk constituent, sweet potato paste, reduced syrup, yeast, common salt, acerola powder / flavor, sweetener (sorbitol), emulsifier, pigment (carotenoid), enzyme, vitamin C.

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