Kagetsu Kasane ume Hitoe

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You can enjoy the two different Arare(sembei) in this bag. Salted Arare and plum refreshing taste arare are mixed and make a great combination. 

"Karintou", Authentic Japanese Fried Cookie 

Their Karintou has a elegant taste with white sugar. They boil white sugar until it becomes a candy, and entangle it in the dough. Once you try the texture of their Karinto, which is crunchy on the outside and crispy inside, you’ll love it for the rest of your life!

Cute Package Resembling "Kimono"

The pattern is the same design as Japanese traditional "Kimono". On the back side, you can see the decoration resembling "帯"(Obi belt). Obi is used for keep Kimono or Yukata closed tight. The cute package a best idea for gift for someone special!

Processed in:


Sugar (white sugar), vegetable oil, wheat flour, sweet potato starch, rice flour (domestic glutinous rice), plum paste, salt, plum powder / leavening agent, cutinashi pigment

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