Ichigo ginza cake 4pc

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Be the first to try this new strawberry cake and let the taste transport you right in the middle of a strawberry farm in Japan. Enjoy this strawberry cake air flown from Ginza.

Processed in:


strawberry flower paste (strawberry, sugar, maltose, vegetable fats & oils, syrup, others), milk cream (sugar, vegetable fats and oils, sweetened condensed milk, skimmed powder milk, dairy product, lactoacid beverage, syrup, other), egg liquid, sugar, wheat flour, vegetable fats and oils, protected oils, dried egg white / sorbitol, modified starch, seasoning (amino acids), emulsifier (soybean origin), flavor, acidulant, thickening agent, polysaccharide, color (monascus pigment, carotene), vinegar acid, phosphate, cellulose.

Preserve method:
expiring date: 18 days from manufacturing date


★Limited to 4 boxes per 1 order

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