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Daiichi iceplantze"MOCHI Dessert" Soymilk & Yuzu

Daiichi iceplantze"MOCHI Dessert" Soymilk & Yuzu

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Mochi icecream × refreshing Yuzu peel

Dairy-free plant-based mochi ice cream:)
Non-adjusted soy milk is used for the cream part instead of dairy products. You can enjoy the taste and flavor of the soybean ingredient itself.
The center is filled with a sauce containing yuzu peel.
Enjoy the smooth texture and sweetness of this new sweets!

Processed in:


maltose(domestic), soy milk, yuzu sauce(yuzu peel, sugar), mochi rice flour, syrup, unrefined sugar, vegetable oils and fats, inulin(dietary fiber), sugar, cornstarch, salt/trehalose, emulsifier, stabiliser(thickening polysaccharide), flavor

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Since this is a frozen item, please make sure to recieve the item at your home on the delivery date. We are very sorry, but we cannot re-deliver.

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