France Cake "Pirene" -vanilla flavor- 5pc

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All handmaded fluffy cake- 3,000 pieces are sold in a day in Japan!

"Pirene" has loved for more than 50 years in Aichi Prefecture by the local people. They buy it on their birthday, Christmas party, and also on the special day which they invite the guests to their houses.
It is all handmaded and 3,000 pieces are sold in a day!

"Bon Toraya" is a Japanese and Western confectionery specialty store established in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture in 1951.
The shop values "ingredients" and "traditional taste".
Thier signature products, "Pirene" and "Torazo Dorayaki" are handmade one by one by craftsmen specializing in Japanese and Western sweets.

If you eat it frozen, it tastes just like ice cream cake--SO DELICIOUS! 


・Food professional award 2021

Processed in:


egg(domestic), dairy cream, sugar, wheat, liquor/emulsifier, stabiliser(modified starch)flavor, thickening polysaccharide, pH regulator

Contains: egg,wheat,milk,soybean

Preserve method:

Shelf life: 2 days after thowing. Best to eat it straight away. 

It is frozen item and will be delived as frozen. Please make sure to stay home on the delivery date to receive the item. We are sorry that it is unable to choose the time, but we will whatsapp you when the deliver has started. 

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