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Bon Toraya France Cake Pyraene - Matcha, Vanilla, Chocolate 6PC Box

Bon Toraya France Cake Pyraene - Matcha, Vanilla, Chocolate 6PC Box

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  • Pyrane is the flagship dessert of Bon Toraya.
  • The sales hits up to 3000 packs a day. In fact, the dessert is recognized in the town as local "soul food".
  • The dessert is made with sponge cake which wraps the fine cream, blended with 4 types of fresh creams.
  • Every piece is made by hand to maintain the flufffy texture.

About the brand, "Bon Toraya":

  • Bon Toraya is a confectionery shop founded in 1951 in Toyohashi, Japan.
  • They specialize in Japanese and Western-style sweets and currently have 13 stores where the skilled artisans handcraft each piece with care, including the signature products "Pyraene". 


Awards Won:

  • Food Professional Award 2023 



  • Vanilla: Fluffly cake outside with rich cream inside
  • Matcha: Rich matcha cream with mild & sweet azuki chunks.
  • Chocolate: The perfectly sweet; not too sweet but refreshing sweet. 

Delivery Form:

  • Comes in a nice gift box type

Processed in:


  • Vanilla: 2 packs
  • Matcha: 2 packs
  • Chocolate:  2 packs


  • egg (domestic), dairy cream, sugar, wheat, azuki red bean, cocoa powder, chocolate, milk, matcha green tea powder、matcha green tea syrup (sugar、reduced starch syrup、green tea extract、dextrin、matcha green tea)liquor/emulsifier, stabiliser(modified starch)flavor, thickening polysaccharide, pH adjuster, coloring(carotene, copper chlorophyll) Contains: egg, wheat, milk, soybean

Preserve method:

  • Please keep in freezer. Move to refrigerator 1 hour before consumption.
  • If you like the ice cream texture. enjoy frozen.

Shelf life: 

  • Please consume within 2 days from thawing.
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