shodai bio nature Flower Macaron 5 flavor

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shodai bio nature 's philosophy starts from removing as many artifical color and chemical flavor and ingredients as possible;
to use what follows the mother's nature.

They promise to deliver what makes the best of fruits from Itoshima, Fukuoka, up to Karatsu, Saga. Not only fruits, but also milk, flour, egg related ingredients of its best season from all around Japan.

For the almonds and chocolate from Spain and France, we follow our philosophy to use the natural ingredients.

Processed in:

5 pc

sugar, white chocolate, almond powder, eggwhite, fresh cream, lychee puree, lavendar, iyokan puree, pineapple pickled in sugar, invert sugar, yuzu paste, mule puree, tea leaf, rose juice, butter, matcha, coffee extract (coffee, sugar).

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