Dorayaki "TORAZOU" 3pc

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The most favorite sweets of Japanese famous anime character is.... Yes! "DORAYAKI"

Sweet red bean paste between two fluffy and also sweet pancakes... Hummm, yummy. 

It is perfect for sweet tooth! 

Processed in:


sugar(domestic), egg, wheat, azuki read ban, sweetened sake, syrup, coupling sugar, honey, agar/trehalose, leaving agent

Preserve method:

Keep in Freezer

Shelf life: 14 days after thowing. Best to eat it straight away. 

It is frozen item and will be delived as frozen. Please make sure to stay home on the delivery date to receive the item. We are sorry that it is unable to choose the time, but we will whatsapp you when the deliver has started. 

Delivery Note:


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