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Aiya Matcha Choco Crunch

Aiya Matcha Choco Crunch

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The crunchy texture of this crunchy chocolate is made with matcha green tea from the long-established shop "Aiya" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture.

The carefully selected matcha green tea is kneaded into the chocolate so that the sweetness of the chocolate does not overpower the taste of the matcha and the texture of the crunchy texture can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults.

About the brand "AIYA"

Family owned and operated for over 130 years, Aiya is the world’s leading producer of Japanese Matcha green tea. Aiya is headquartered in the city of Nishio of Aichi Prefecture in central Japan, where the finest Matcha green tea has been grown for over 800 years. The company is currently managed by the 5th generation of the Sugita family with full-service sales and resource offices in 5 different countries across the world.


In its early days, the primary focus was on the production of dyes and Gyokuro green tea. Aijiro eventually moved the business toward producing a more premium tea varietal, Matcha green tea. He teamed up with local tea producers to cultivate new fields and worked tremendously hard to improve the technology of stone granite grinder mills. His innovations to centuries-old technology are still used in today’s modern production facilities.

Processed in:


sugar, corn flake (corn grits, sugar, salt, malt extract), cocoa butter, whole milk powder, wheat puff (wheat, sweet potato starch, malt extract, salt), almond, matcha green tea, oil and fat, emulsifier, flavor, baking soda

Preserve method:
Please store in a chiller to avoid melting.


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