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CAKE.JP La Vie Un Reve Canned Cake 330ml 3PC Set

CAKE.JP La Vie Un Reve Canned Cake 330ml 3PC Set

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《Tiramisu》 is very popular among children! Luxurious cake can using Hokkaido mascarpone

《Chocolat Orange》 Contest winner

《Chocolat Specialite》

Using high cocoa chocolate made in France 《Griotte Pistache》 Popular pistachio cake

Processed in:


dairy cream、orange juice、egg、wheat、almond powder、butter、sugar、cocoa mass、cocoa butter、cocoa powder、orange、gelatin、skim milk powder、whole milk powder、cereal (wheat malt、wheat starch)、vanilla paste、salt, trehalose、sweetener、gelling agent(thickening polysaccharide)(apple)、emulsifier(soybean)、leavening agentdairy cream、griotte cherry、egg、wheat、almond powder, butter、sugar、pistachio paste、pistachio powder、raspberry、gelatin、cocoa powder、whole milk powder、cereal (wheat malt、wheat starch)、salt, trehalose、gelling agent(thickening polysaccharide)(apple)、emulsifier(soybean)、leavening agendairy cream、milk、mascarpone、egg、wheat、almond powder、butter、sugar、cocoa mass、cocoa powder、cocoa butter、whole milk powder、gelatin、cereal (wheat malt、wheat starch)、instant coffee、coffee bean、vanilla paste、salt/trehalose、emulsifier(soybean)、leavening agent、glazing agent、gelling agent(thickening polysaccharide)(apple)

Preserve method:
Store in refrigerator and consume within 4 days from item reception.


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