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CAKE.JP Ichigo Strawberry Cake 12cm

CAKE.JP Ichigo Strawberry Cake 12cm

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\"Top 10 Popularity Ranking" Hall of Fame! /

- Made from 100% Hokkaido Fresh Cream

- Fluffy sponge cake and fresh strawberry

This is the pride of the patissier who trained at a famous restaurant in Tokyo and became independent. Because it is a shortcake, which is the starting point of cake, we carefully finished it by making the most of the ingredients. Please enjoy the taste of the fresh cream, which is made with 100% Hokkaido ingredients and is mildly sweet, and the texture of the fluffy sponge, which makes the most of the egg's natural flavor. If you are wondering, "Are frozen cakes really that good?", please try it. While frozen cakes keep well for a long time, there are concerns about the taste. However, in fact, the majority of popular top patissier stores freeze their cakes. This is because freezing is part of the cake production process, and cakes that are thawed just before eating are fresher and tastier than cakes that have been thawed for a long time. Try our standard shortcake first to experience the taste of freshly made cake.

Processed in:


cream, food product using milk constituent for major ingredient, strawberry, whole egg liquid, sugar, wheat, canola oil, starch, gelatin, agar, syrup, emulsifier, thickener(thickening polysaccharide, sodium metaphosphate), acidifier, flavor, preservative(sorbic acid), (milk constituent・egg・wheat・gelatin)

Preserve method:
Store in refrigerator and consume within 4 days from item reception.


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