Banana Cream Cake (4 pieces)

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Fluffy steamed cake filled with full body, rich banana cream! You won’t want to pass up on this, supremely moist with a hint of refreshing sweetness from the banana. Recommended for "Tokyo Banana" lover!

Why we recommend it as a gift?
In Japan, Banana Cream Cake is a well-known Tokyo souvenir or “Omiyage E Omiyage are souvenirs brought home from a trip to be given to friends and colleagues.

What's the best way to eat Banana cream cake?
Have it as it is, or you can enjoy this with cream cheese icing. Mix 200g cream cheese with 1.5 tsp milk, 4 tsp sugar and Vanilla essence to make cream cheese icing. Put icing on Banana cream cake and enjoy this sweet indulgence!

Processed in:

1 bag (4pc)

custard flour paste(starch syrup, sugar, vegetable oil and fat,
etc.)(domestic production), eggs, sugar, flour, isomerized liquid
sugar, vegetable oil and fat, banana concentrate paste, starch
syrup / processed starch, glycine, emulsifier, flavor, polysaccharide
thickener, preservative(sorbic acid), acidifier, food color(V.B2,
carotene), antioxidant(V.C), (contains flour, egg, milk, soybean,
banana in a raw materials)
Preserve method:


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