Anno imo Sweetpotato (Custard cream inside)

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Sweet potato cake, using both roasted Japanese sweet potato and “Anno-imo”. Rich custard cream inside will attract you!

〇What is Anno-imo?

Anno imo is one of the most popular potatoes in Japan cultivated in Kagoshima prefecture, Anno district. Anno imo is grown on mineral-rich land. The chewy texture and sweetness of Anno imo will make you want more with every bite!

Enjoy the sweetness of flavorful Anno- imo!

Processed in:


Sweet potato (domestic), custard flower paste (raw milk, sugar, whole egg, vegetable oil, water candy, whole milk powder, etc.), maltose, egg yolk, butter, sweetened condensed milk, sugar, honey, dried egg yolk, liquor, salt / glycine, processed Maltose, flavor, thickening polysaccharide, carotinoid pigment, (some include egg, milk component, gelatin)

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