Akasaka Aono Tokyo-Kinako (6 pieces)

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A modern twist to the traditional financier with kinako flavour. Enjoy the best combination of rich butter taste of financier and nuttiness of kinako!

What is Kinako?
Kinako is roasted soybean flour that is commonly used in Japanese cuisine especially wagashi. One example would be warabimochi, which is a famous kinako-covered sweet. In English, it is usually called "roasted soy flour". Kinako has a unique nutty taste which some people have described to be similar to peanuts.

financier vs madeleine
The word "financier" pronounced as [fi.nɑ́Esje] is originated from France. It is a French almond cake, and unlike Madeleines, are made with egg whites and almond powder instead of baking powder.

Processed in:


Butter, egg white (including eggs), sugar, flour, soybean flour (including soybeans), almond powder, white liquor / leavening agent

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