Akasaka Aono Kurobei Azuki (3 pieces)

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 'Kuro Bei' means 'black wall' and it refers to a Japanese-style castella cake made from brown sugar. Japanese Castella Cake is a type of Wagashi that is a very popular confectionery in Japan. This delicate cake is very moist, bouncy, and has just enough sweetness from the brown sugar of Hateruma and has a layer of yokan. Walnut is kneaded into the dough for the extra aroma.
Our castella cake is also available in coffee flavour.

What is Wagashi?
It is a traditional Japanese confectionery using only the best quality ingredients with the same amount of attention given to the presentation.

Difference between Japanese Castella Cake VS Taiwanese Castella Cake
Taiwanese style castella is generally more soufflé-like than the Japanese variety with a custard like center.

Processed in:


Sugar, red beans, starch syrup, wheat, eggs, walnuts, brown sugar, kneaded, agar, butter, salt, emulsifier, leavening agent

Preserve method:


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