Akasaka Aono Kurimushi-Yokan (6 pieces)

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This luxurious looking steamed yokan made with love using traditional techniques. Chopped or halved chestnuts are commonly used but for this product, a whole piece of chestnut is used.

What is Yokan?
Yokan is a wagashi (Japanese confectionery) made with anko (sweet red beans) with thick jelly texture. It is usually sold in a block form, and eaten in slices. Yokan may also contain chopped chestnuts, azuki beans, and sweet potato (imo yokan).

How to enjoy yokan?
Pairing yokan with a cup of refreshing green tea is a match made in heaven! For alcoholic drink, we recommend sparkling wines and whiskey!

Processed in:


Sugar, chestnut, red beans, flour, kudzu powder, salt, gardenia pigment

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