Japanese Style New Year Celebration box【Happy New Year!】

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Happy New Year!

Enjoyable assorted confectionery box from Japan.  Perfect for a New Year Celebration!

Gold gourgeous packaging is good for a storage box after finishing all sweets:)

 ★ITEMS (Total: 10 items)

1. Tokyo Banana 4pc ×1 

2. Matcha Langue de Chat ×1 or Matcha Roll ×1

3. Nagasakido Castella Matcha ×1

4. Kyou Karan Senbei Can  ×1 (ramdom flavor)

5. Kushi warabi mochi ×2

6. Matsuzaki  Senbei ×1 (random flavor)

7. Half baked cheese cake ×1 or Anno imo sweet potato ×1

8. Kagetsu Karintou senbei ×1 (ramdom flavor)

9. Nagasakido Chestnut Dorayaki ×1

 ★Cute Packaging

 ★Delivery fee- Free! 

Delivery date : 5th Jan~

※The items could be changed without notice. 

※Product image for illustration purposes only

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