Most popular omiyage in tokyo station 

Tokyo Banana(8pc/4pc)

★Light and fluffy sponge cake
★Full of rich banana custard cream inside giving it a luscious texture
★Perfect gift idea!

Tokyo banana is a popular “omiyage”-souvenir in Tokyo station, and it was initially created to be a popular snack amongst Tokyo girls. It turned out to be well-loved by all ages in Japan for over 30 years, the cute looking and taste also capture hearts of travelers from other countries. This steamed sponge cake filled with a slightly sweet banana custard is an iconic snack of Japan and Tokyo that can put a smile on anyone who receives it as gift. 

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Ginza Ichigo cake

★Moist and fluffy sponge cake
★Filled with fruity and rich strawberry cream

Be the first to try this new strawberry cake and let the taste transport you right in the middle of a strawberry farm in Japan. Enjoy this strawberry cake air flown from Ginza.

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Tokyo banana cookie-full of chocolate-

★Milky banana chocolate
★Cute iconic Tokyo banana print on every piece!

Huge piece of milky banana chocolate sandwiched between two light langue de chat cookie. Best enjoy with a cup of tea!

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Tokyo Banana cheese cake

★Banana custard cream
★Milk cream
★Banana scented cake

The popular Tokyo Banana now comes in cheesecake variant! A two-layered cheesecake filled with rich banana cream and milk cream. The banana confiture was mixed in and baked to give off a faint banana scent.

The history behind "TOkyo banana"

In Tokyo, which is full of delicious foods, Tokyo banana company workers would have liked to make a "new" form of Tokyo souvenir.

 The reason why they choose "banana" was that they tought banana is nostalgic taste for many people. They wanted to explore the way to let people feel somehow "nostalgic" when they eat the sweets.

 They wrapped tokyo banana in cute package, but they were very careful not to make it too fancy because they want not only youggirls but also gentlemen to buy tokyo banana as omiyage. Thanks to all of their effort, Tokyo banana became a well-loved sweets by all ages in Japan.

cute packaging-best idea for gift

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