Nostalgic taste-Nagasakido Castella cake

Castella cake (5pc)

★Light and fluffy sponge cake
★Perfect gift idea

Castella is simple sweets which has a very natural taste. That is why the quality of the ingredients can greatly affect the taste. Using high quality ingridients,it is overwhelming with rich flavor.

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Matcha Castella (5pc) 

★Moist and fluffy sponge cake
★Good scent of Matcha powder

Using good scent Matcha from "Kyoto" and high quality ingridients, it is overwhelming with rich flavor.

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Coffee Castella (5pc)

★Good scent of coffee powder
Perfect sweets gift idea for someone who loves bitter taste 

Most recommended item for you if you are not sweets person, but you want to try some! butter coffee taste and fluffy sponge will attract you. 

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Chestnut Dorayaki-"Kuri Mikasa"-

★Fliffy pancake
★Red bean paste and chestnut dice

Inside the very fluffy two pancakes, red bean paste and chestnut dice are there. One of the most recommended items in Ginza Sweets! 

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Nagasakido  history

Beloved for more than 100 years...

Nagasakido was established in 1919 by Genshiro Araki. 

We  would like to deliver the spirit of "Omotenashi" - Japanese hospitality to you.
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