Over 120 years ago, Aono was founded in Tokyo as a Wagashi merchant. The founder later began selling "Mochi-Gashi" such as Daifuku, Botamochi and Yokan in Gotanda area.

In 1899, Aono relocated their store in Akasaka, where he would sell to people of high-rank and high-office (高位高官).

Despite War conflict in Showa Period, Aono continued to provide wagashi to the people of Tokyo. Their production tools escaped the fire under Dozo, traditional storehouse.

The current flagship store stands, promising to offer the delicious wagashi with their passion and craftmanship.

Craftmanship and Innovation

"Akasaka Mochi"
-Mochi dessert that is wrapped with Furoshiki. It is the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. And this was originated and invented by 3rd-Gen Aono. Nowadays, it is very common to see wagashi wrapped in this style.

"Kuri Manju"
-made of a whole piece of chestnut, is also common in Japanese desserts culture; this was also first introduced by 3rd Gen Aono.

Aono san recalls the time when he would ship Akasaka Mochi to California in 2005.

"It all started with a phone call from a Japanese man, who asked if we could ship our wagashi to California.

Back then we politely declined.

But few days later however, the man couldn't resist but to visit our store and directly requested once again. This time, we accepted. So we started to deliver to California once in every 2 weeks, and this lasted for half a year.

The man revisited our store a few months later and said these were delivered to Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. I remember in the every assortment box we shipped, there were always Akasaka Mochi and Mame-Daifuku. "

Akasaka Mochi

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