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Kintsuba is an abbreviated term for Kintsuba-yaki which is a type of Japanese confectionery. This Azuki Kintsuba will attract you by its elegant thin skin and full of sweetness, soft and flaky texture of Azuki inside.

How Azuki tastes like? Any nutrisions inside?
Azuki, which is called Azuki red beans in other words, are very nutrited with fiber, manganese, protain and so on. Its sweetness and rich, moist and fluffy texture will attract you.
The interesting thing is that Azuki is used both for Japanese sweets and Japanese cuisine. It has an elegant taste, so that it is loved for more than 2000 years in Japan!

How Kintsuba is made?
Traditional Japanese confectionery "Kintsuba" is made from 2 parts. One is Yokan(azuki bean jelly), which is inside the kintsuba. Wrapped by thin skin made of rice flour for dumplings, Yokan change into Kintsuba.

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Wheat, yam

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