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An Pan Manju 6PC Box【Bon Toraya】

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An Pan Manju

  • It is made with cream custard and fine azuki paste, which make perfect combination of sweetness.
  • The main ingredient: Red beans, also known as "Azuki" come from Koufuku-City, HOKKAIDO. These are characterized by their "elegant sweetness".
  • The bun is just like the fluffy Japanese anpan bread.
  • The mild sweetness is popular among kids in Toyohashi city.

About the brand, "Bon Toraya":

  • Bon Toraya is a confectionery shop founded in 1951 in Toyohashi, Japan.
  • They specialize in Japanese and Western-style sweets and currently have 13 stores where the skilled artisans handcraft each piece with care, including the signature products "Pyraene". 


Awards Won:

  • Monde Selection Award 2023 


  • Custard cream matches perfectly with the red bean paste, just like the traditional an pan bread in Japan.

Delivery Form:

  • Comes in a nice gift box type

Processed in:

  • Aichi


  • An Pan Manju: 6 Packs


  • sugar(domestic)、azuki red bean、flower paste、wheat、egg、coupling sugar、starch、vegetable oils and fats、black sesame、modified fat food , soybean protein, lactoprotein、maltose、agar、salt/trehalose、modified starch、leaving agent、sorbitol、glycine、flavor、preservative(sorbic acid)、acidifier、thickening polysaccharide、anti-oxidants(Vitamin E)、pH adjuster、carotene pigment、coloring(Vitamin B2) Contains: egg,wheat,milk,soybean,sesame

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  • Please consume within 10 days after you received the items. 

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  • Please consume within 10 days after you received the items.  

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