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Mochi Mochi Waffle - Royal Custard【Ahjikan】

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New sweets!! Mochi×Waffle=Best combination!

Light, fluffy and chewy texture waffles like Japanese mochi filled with rich & fresh custard cream.

A balancing flavor for sweet tooth!

Processed in:


food product using milk constituent for major ingredient(domestic), custard flavored flour paste, sugar, flour. vegetable fats and oils, reduced syrup, starch, salt, butter processed food, albumin powder, gelatin, vanilla beans seed / modified starch, sorbitol, glycine, emulsifier,leavening agent, polysaccharide thickener,acidity regulators, flavoring agent,HPMC, coloring(carthamus yellow, carotenoid), seasoning(nucleic acid and etc)

Preserve method:

Pleese keep refridgerated.

Expiry date:
4 days after delivery

This frozen product will be refrigerated and thawed before delivery.

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